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What is the Biggest Lesson Your Dad Has Taught You?

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  • Bob192

    Bob192 Jun. 13, 3:18 AM

    I can't imagine!!  It sounds like you have some good memories!

    Quoting MamaMandee:

    Thank you! I miss him all the time.

    Quoting SlightlyPerfect:

    OMG, babe. I just want to hug you. You know my mom was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I have no idea how you live without your dad. I would be so lost.

    Quoting MamaMandee:

    I lost my dad in 08 due to cancer so I remember everything he taught me! 

  • bhwrn1

    bhwrn1 Jun. 13, 5:37 AM

    stay true to yourself, don't be scared to learn and try new things

  • mrswillie

    mrswillie Jun. 13, 7:01 AM

    Project our children.

  • Anonymous 1

    Anonymous 1 Jun. 13, 7:20 AM

    Me and my dad do not have a good relationship. We never
    have. I would say my dad taught me to be he person he never was, to do exactly opposite.
  • momofsixangels

    momofsixangels Jun. 13, 8:14 AM

    My Dad taught me to listen to my gut

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