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What is the Biggest Lesson Your Dad Has Taught You?

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  • RorysGgma

    RorysGgma Jun. 14, 8:53 PM

    Dad taught me how to ride a horse, no one is a stranger, help others whenever you can, trust others until they break that trust, be positive & encouraging, be honest & faithful, try anything at least once, work hard, finish the job, keep your hands busy, and give back. I could go on forever.
  • I-veChanged

    I-veChanged Jun. 15, 8:31 AM

    My Dad has been gone almost 26 years, and he still teaches me. He taught me to forgive, I forgive him. He taught me hard work, to be proud of my work, not to judge people rashly, that what we see on the surface of situations is only the tip of the iceberg of reality, help others, think 4 myself...
  • I-veChanged

    I-veChanged Jun. 15, 8:40 AM

    Dad taught me to celebrate being myself, to listen to others' opinions and to march to my own drummer, to share with my own kids who I am and what I've lived through, life is not a fashion show & beauty springs from the heart, variety is the spice of life and we are strong in our diversity, persist
  • loveTHEviking

    loveTHEviking Jun. 15, 9:09 AM

    My dad was a hard worker, still is. My parents got divorced when I was much much younger so in my younger years I just remember how fun my dad was. When I would go stay with him on the weekends we would always do something and one thing that I remember is that he loved me so much and I knew it and he still does and I still know it <3.

  • Bmat

    Bmat Jun. 15, 2:20 PM

    Dad taught his girls that they didn't have to be housewives, that they could be anything they wanted-  this was from an era when women were expected to stay at home and be the housewife.

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