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Are You Overscheduling Your Kids?

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  • HamBergerMama

    HamBergerMama Jun. 20, 8:22 AM

    No, they are all too little for that, dh and I have talked, each kid wil only be in one extra curricular activity. With 4 kids it will be too pricey and just not possible to juggle.
  • timon95

    timon95 Jun. 20, 9:51 AM

    no i do not feel as if my kids are overscheduled. ds bowls twice a weeks and does tournaments. dd dances 4 days a week. Both do AWANA. they will both still be doing their sport over the summer. I do know of some people who have their kid in dance, girl scouts, awana, and about 3 other sports. that is crazy overbooked!

  • sukainah

    sukainah Jun. 20, 10:23 AM

    During school, my son had Cub Scouts, so it did overwhelm anyone.  I didn't let him sign up for other clubs or anything.  It would have been too much for him and I.

  • sukainah

    sukainah Jun. 20, 10:24 AM

    Now that it's summertime, I think I am under-scheduling him.  I need to get them more involved in activities.

  • dusky_rose

    dusky_rose Jun. 20, 10:56 AM

    Nope, it is summer break and we are just winging it.

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