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Your feet are smelly!

Andrew doesn’t think his feet smell, but his wife tells him differently – from all the way across the room!

Why Is Smell So Important?

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  • Bob192

    Bob192 Jul. 14, 4:56 PM

    Smells hold memories for me!  When I smell certain smells, I think of other times.

  • Charizma77

    Charizma77 Jul. 14, 8:52 PM

    Quoting othermom:

    Smell can let you know many things and help to save your life in some situations

  • SlepinBeautyMom

    SlepinBeautyMom Jul. 14, 9:07 PM

    Smell is very important and not just in our species! I can view the video but its one thing that attracts a mate etc. it can save our life in physically toxic situations etc.

    And I can believe women's is higher. My dh often asks me to use my super mommy nose to figure stuff out
  • Wish2Be

    Wish2Be Jul. 14, 9:23 PM

    I never thought that men had a weaker sense of smell than us...interesting news. This probably explains why 90 % of candle buyers are female!
  • alliesmom112

    alliesmom112 Jul. 14, 9:24 PM

    Quoting TheJerseyGirl:

    I like the kinds of smells that remind me if things or someone...apples, pumpkin pie and cinnamon in the Fall, that newborn baby smell...theres a kind of comfort in that.

    newborn baby smell is my FAVORITE!! 

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