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Why Is Smell So Important?

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  • Sisteract

    Sisteract Jul. 16, 7:05 PM

    Very ingrained sense

  • TigerofMu

    TigerofMu Jul. 16, 9:52 PM

    I am very sensitive to smell. Certain smells are just icky and can make me nauseous in a hurry, while other smells are wildly attractive.
  • GypsiSky

    GypsiSky Jul. 17, 9:04 AM

    Pleasant, happy scents are very important to me. I love the scent of my husbands aftershave and deodorant. The aromatic scents of Holiday dinners cooking (even though I no longer eat those foods) and the bright inviting aroma of a sweet ripe peach or nectarine.

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