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What Would You Say to Your 25-Year-Old Self?

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  • isaacsmommy68

    isaacsmommy68 Jul. 17, 1:32 PM

    FINISH COLLEGE! Boyfriends are NOT more important than family EVER!

  • Anonymous 1

    Anonymous 1 Jul. 17, 1:35 PM

    Don't lie.  Tell the truth and maybe you'd be in a better place now...

    That was only 2 years ago but how I wish I could go back and do things differently... 

  • Wish2Be

    Wish2Be Jul. 17, 1:52 PM

    This realy should be a cable tv show ! I love you guys !

    I have been thinking about it and honestly....I would have told myself to go to school. I know I tried to go to school a little earlier in my life....I think I was 23. I took the entry test and got in. They were actually impressed with my scores. I was only going to go in for a 9 month course at a tech school to learn how to be an ultrasound technician. Honestly...I wish I had gone through with it. The course is still available but I am even more worse off financially than before....if only I had gone then... tuition was cheaper too.

  • Wish2Be

    Wish2Be Jul. 17, 1:54 PM

    Quoting goddess99:

    I would say, keep doing what you're doing, because you make the right choices.

    good for you !

  • CaileighsMom608

    CaileighsMom608 Jul. 17, 1:55 PM

    To my 25yr old self........Get your ass back in school right now and delete your MySpace IMMEDIATELY!

    I met my ex thru MySpace in July 2007...WORST thing that ever happened to me.

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