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What would Andrew change about Amy?

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  • Bob192

    Bob192 Sep. 12, 12:13 AM

    That's sweet.  I don't think a lot of guys feel that way.

  • wandep

    wandep Sep. 12, 7:35 AM


    Quoting matt_sara_mom:

    I do wonder at times why women insist on wearing so much make-up. It hides the natural beauty they have. 

  • Bmat

    Bmat Sep. 12, 8:30 AM

    The make up. :)

  • Miranda1127

    Miranda1127 Sep. 12, 8:30 AM

     I agree w/him and I think she is a sad example of how our societyviews women. Make up doesn't improve every bodys beauty, often times it masks it.

  • Miranda1127

    Miranda1127 Sep. 12, 8:31 AM

     I actually think most adult men would agree w/him.

    Quoting Bob192:

    That's sweet.  I don't think a lot of guys feel that way.


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