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What would Andrew change about Amy?

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  • aneela

    aneela Sep. 14, 8:16 PM

    im also not a make up person but i dont discount it totally...if used to enhance then its cool but as a MASK as some seem to do...well thats just...not on

    Quoting Mom2jngnc:

    I am not a make-up person, so I never understood ones' desire to wear it.

  • goddess99

    goddess99 Sep. 15, 10:50 AM

    I never wear make up.

  • sanj1213

    sanj1213 Sep. 15, 10:10 PM

    This was funny to watch. 

  • virginiamama71

    virginiamama71 Sep. 15, 11:24 PM

    nice video
  • dusky_rose

    dusky_rose Sep. 16, 9:53 AM

    I agree.

    Quoting blackbird1972:

    i hate the way she was condescending with her hand motions. Seriously, she asked him a question and he answered honestly. Not only that he answered how he loved her NATURAL BEAUTY!

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