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Kids and Activities: How much is too much?

Parents are often overwhelmed when it comes to enrolling kids in extra-curricular activities and sports. We want them to be active, but how do we avoid wearing them out?

Kids and Activities: How much is too much?

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  • ablackdolphin

    ablackdolphin Sep. 9, 8:25 PM

    My kids are young but we do attend a music class together one day a week and then DD is in one sport at a time. We want to expose her to a variety and see what is a good fit. We did ballet, too slow for her same with Gymnastics. We then did a dance class and she loved it. This week we start soccer.

    DS is too young.

    We run as a family (kids in double jogger) so I hope that one day they will take up running.

  • Numom61507

    Numom61507 Sep. 9, 8:33 PM

    If your kid complains and going to activities is more of a drag than fun, it's too much. They're burnt out. My 6yo has bowling league on Wednesdays and we are looking at a possible karate class for Fridays. In the spring, she plays baseball. They do no more than 2 games a week.
  • aneela

    aneela Sep. 9, 9:04 PM

    we havent started doing too many extra things

  • Mznaye

    Mznaye Sep. 9, 10:45 PM

     Ds is four years old so we are not into activities yet. I will make sure we don't crowd ourselves up

  • Vertical15

    Vertical15 Sep. 9, 10:52 PM

    We only allow one thing per kid per season.  It helps keep things under control.  For now!

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