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How Do We Raise Well-Mannered Kids? Part II

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  • kellynh

    kellynh Sep. 24, 9:22 AM

    In perfect 100% agreement

    Quoting matt_sara_mom:

    For my children they are rewarded for good manners and know it's expected. I don't reward bad manners and usually take away from them when they are blatantly rude. I am Mom not their best friend. I monitor what they are allowed to watch and if a show starts to get bad I will take it from the list of approved shows.  

        We lead by example. Please and Thank You, Sir and Ma'am, hand shakes, holding doors it is all done. I am lucky that they are seeming to catch on very well. I have only once had eyes rolled at me and that was nipped in the bud fast.

  • kellynh

    kellynh Sep. 24, 9:26 AM

    blowing kisses

    Quoting liveforever:

    Lead by example!

    You can tell your kids do this, dont do that a million times....but if you are telling them to be polite and youre far from it...they wont listen for very long.

  • kellynh

    kellynh Sep. 24, 9:27 AM


    Quoting lulumomof2:

    I think its a cop out to blame tv, music or movies. Its lax parenting, IMO. While my kids have never watched honey boo boo they have watched shows where the kids are rude and many times disrespectful. My kids do have good manners, they say please, thank you, God bless you when someone sneezes, they hold doors open for others, and know if a lady (even their mom, lol) is standing and they are sitting that they should offer their seat (although that is not something I make them do). Of course they are teenagers (15 yrs and 13yrs) so they aren't perfect (which is good because neither am I,lol). When they break our house code of conduct they are grounded (which means no electronics what so ever). You parent by example as kids live what they see not what is said to them.

  • kellynh

    kellynh Sep. 24, 9:30 AM

    Disagree with this one. In cases such as this, your kids could be setting the example for the other kids. Peer interaction should be encouraged in a healthy way. Kids do not need to be constantly shielded by everything, especially not other kids their age. 

    Quoting ablackdolphin:

    I also think keeping them around more adults (who are good examples) than other kids when they are young is really important.  I don't want my kids raised by other kids, KWIM?

  • kellynh

    kellynh Sep. 24, 9:30 AM

    Never seen this one

    Quoting Kaci:

    Do not let them watch television shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo where kids are disrespectful and swear.

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