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How Do We Raise Well-Mannered Kids? Part II

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  • KymberleeAnn

    KymberleeAnn Sep. 26, 3:44 PM

    By being a well mannered parent.
  • craftybookworm

    craftybookworm Sep. 27, 11:31 AM

    You lead by example. It won't do any parent any good if you tell your kids how to behave and then you go and do exactly the opposite of what you've asked your kids to do.
  • BaronSamedi

    BaronSamedi Sep. 27, 2:43 PM

    A lot depends on other factors ;privacy,whose calling,etc. The phone can be a way for ill intentioned people to gain information. Many have two phone numbers listed and unlisted for their own reasons. It is an individual choice.
  • joeannaanthony

    joeannaanthony Sep. 28, 5:38 AM

    Try these techniques: 1) Tell your kids that they're good. Let them overhear you telling others they're good. 2) Tell your kids that other people say they're very good, too. Give specific examples. 3) Reinforce your expectations by saying of course they are, that's how you expect them to be.
  • Mznaye

    Mznaye Sep. 28, 9:30 PM

    Lead by example

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