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How Do We Keep Our Kids Safe In A Scary World?

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  • Tigress22304

    Tigress22304 Sep. 30, 6:43 PM

    Quoting wandep:

    We don't like to watch the news all the time in our household just the fact that it is mostly bad stuff going on...makes you depressed. If the kids ask us about things that they have heard we will talk about it. 

    same here. doesnt help we had a girl murdered in our hometown just last year-in Dh's old house!!

    luckily 2 of the kids dont care if they're stuck inside or in the yard under supervision-sd12 cant stand it but she deals

  • craftybookworm

    craftybookworm Oct. 1, 4:01 AM

    I'm also in minority. I think with the surge in media and social networking, there's an emphasis on the bad and it can be slightly slanted. My kids know the basics. Don't talk to strangers, don't take candy from strangers, never get in the car with a stranger. Yes, I don't let them run around the neighborhood without me watching them, but they're 5. My teenager has more lee-way and he knows there's check in times, tell me where you're going, who you're with etc. I think the key to all this is to relax but use common sense. If we freake out all the time, we'd all be needing some antianxiety meds. yeah, the world is a scary, sucky place at times, but it doesn't mean you have to live under a rock hiding.
  • ScrChk23

    ScrChk23 Oct. 1, 5:17 AM

    Teach them about the possible dangers, but not in a manner in which they become paranoid about everything.
  • KellyFlavis

    KellyFlavis Oct. 1, 7:30 AM

    instead of trying to keep them "safe" from reality, talk to your children, prepare them for life, make sure they know how to stay safe and what to do if they feel unsafe. And then watch them take a step into their futures.
  • elasmimi

    elasmimi Oct. 1, 1:10 PM

    I wish I lived in a community like this.

    Quoting Mom2jngnc:

    I am in the minority. 
    It is not something that concerns me.

    My sons ride their bikes around the block, they bike to the fire house, to friends houses, they walk to school. They play in our partially fenced in back yard, usually with the black lab.

    We know most of our neighbors, we are involved in our community. We have extra sets of eyes watching them. We have gotten phone calls "John, 2 of your boys are running down main st." Which was "yup, passing you now, they are trying to race Steph and I over to their Aunt's house."

    I still interrogate them!
    They only  get into cars with people I approve!

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