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Sports movies teach my kids about perseverance and loyalty

What movies teach lessons that you want to share with your kids? Here, Andrew shares some of his favorites.

What Movies Teach Lessons That You Want To Share With Your Kids?

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  • MillyGirl

    MillyGirl Oct. 1, 10:25 PM

    Facing the Giants without a doubt!!
  • Bob192

    Bob192 Oct. 2, 2:29 AM

    I tell them what they need to know.  I tell them enough to keep them safe, but don't discuss every bad event that happens.

  • TerriC

    TerriC Oct. 2, 8:11 AM

    I do worry, but we also teach our kids about stranger danger.  Never go up to a vehicle that stops and you don't know who they are etc.

  • SlightlyPerfect

    SlightlyPerfect Oct. 2, 10:07 AM

    "Waking Life"
  • Madelaine

    Madelaine Oct. 2, 3:48 PM

    We keep the news off in our house.

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