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What Scares the Hell Out of You?

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  • Desirae1394

    Desirae1394 Oct. 30, 11:57 PM

    Someone hurting or taking my kids. 

  • Miranda1127

    Miranda1127 Oct. 31, 12:15 AM

     alzheimer's. It's odd,but definitely my biggest fear.

  • MamaMandee

    MamaMandee Oct. 31, 12:45 AM

    Dolls, especially ones that look real.
  • MamaMandee

    MamaMandee Oct. 31, 12:45 AM

    Spiders ... need I say more!
  • MamaMandee

    MamaMandee Oct. 31, 12:46 AM

    My cancer coming back.

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