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What Scares the Hell Out of You?

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  • Hottmomma607

    Hottmomma607 Nov. 1, 10:54 AM

    Something happening to my family, crawly things, heights small spaces.
  • TigerofMu

    TigerofMu Nov. 1, 12:13 PM

     My nightmares are of falling.  I have fears of something happeningto my kids.

  • liveforever

    liveforever Nov. 2, 3:31 PM

    Natural bodies of water (because of currents and rip tides, things you can't see)

    Deadly illnesses

    Anything bad happening to my family.
  • jenny3344

    jenny3344 Nov. 3, 12:12 AM

  • godsgirl26

    godsgirl26 Nov. 3, 12:15 AM

    The dark. I cannot stand to be in the dark. There is always 2 lights on in my home every night.

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