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I don't just want an Amber Alert, I want an Amber Conclusion!

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  • virginiamama71

    virginiamama71 Nov. 7, 11:48 AM


  • sukainah

    sukainah Nov. 7, 12:04 PM

    I agree, they need to let everyone know that the child has been found.

  • arpazia

    arpazia Nov. 7, 12:05 PM

    It would be nice to know.
  • brittany208

    brittany208 Nov. 7, 12:10 PM

    they do give updates on the news.
  • Hottmomma607

    Hottmomma607 Nov. 7, 12:22 PM

    I agree I would love to know what happened.
    Its rare they update.

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