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What does your DH do that drives you crazy?

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  • happymama0609

    happymama0609 Nov. 14, 12:51 PM

    My husband doesn't snore, he does something worse (IMO of course) he breathes so freaking loud! You can hear it through the whole damn house anytime of the day. It gets bad when his allergies act up. I told him if he didn't try those breath right strips I would karate chop him in the throat every time he woke me up breathing all loud:/
  • louannwilkins

    louannwilkins Nov. 14, 1:38 PM

    thankfully I don't have to hear any snoring    :)

  • 4kidz916

    4kidz916 Nov. 14, 1:40 PM

    I've always wondered if the strips work.  

    Quoting Wish2Be:

    I think I am the loudest snoring person in the house, but thankfully it doesnt seem to bother anyone. I have even tried the nose strips, but they dont work for me.. :(

  • conweis

    conweis Nov. 14, 2:09 PM

    My SO has sleep apnea. His snoring keeps me awake. That with his cpap machine it can be awful but I have to stay awake when he sleeps because even with his cpap he will stop breathing. If he isn't snoring it means he isn't breathing and I have to wake him up.

  • matt_sara_mom

    matt_sara_mom Nov. 14, 2:26 PM

    My husband only snores when he forgets to turn on his CPAP. Honestly its more annoying to not hear the snoring since I grew up in a family where they all snore. I got used to it over time. 

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