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What does your DH do that drives you crazy?

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  • MamaMandee

    MamaMandee Nov. 14, 3:02 PM

    There are nights when DH's snoring is so bad I will go out to the couch, 

  • aneela

    aneela Nov. 14, 5:27 PM

    thankfully  i have never been awakened by anyone snoring

  • lillucky8

    lillucky8 Nov. 14, 6:40 PM

    My dh snores soo bad. Once hes in deep sleep he doesnt but getting there makes me want to strangle him. I wake him and make him roll onto his side which seems to quiet it.
  • DanaG70

    DanaG70 Nov. 14, 6:47 PM

     I'm so used to my husband's snoring that now that he's in another state, I haven't had a decent nights sleep for a month.

    14 years together I'm pretty used to it.

  • la_bella_vita

    la_bella_vita Nov. 14, 7:11 PM

     DH only snores when sick.

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