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What's Thanksgiving like at Joanie's house?

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  • Desirae1394

    Desirae1394 Nov. 24, 10:03 PM

    We typically just hang out and talk while watching football. 

  • Miranda1127

    Miranda1127 Nov. 25, 7:46 AM

     we just do a lazy family day.

  • matt_sara_mom

    matt_sara_mom Nov. 25, 9:54 AM

    Our thanksgiving isn't on the day of since part of the family can't make it and it wouldn't be holidays without my husband home. We have a nice supper, watch Christmas music, finish decorating the house, go to the towns Santa Parade. 

  • candycrush

    candycrush Nov. 25, 1:03 PM


    Quoting jessicasmom1:

    bring your A game .. Joanie sounds like she just challanged yah! 


  • candycrush

    candycrush Nov. 25, 1:07 PM

    We just eat and eat and eat. We try to get some board games in before the food hits the table.

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