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What's Thanksgiving like at Joanie's house?

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  • Wish2Be

    Wish2Be Nov. 21, 3:22 PM

     Well we generally just have the ladies in the kitchen peeling, chopping, and mixing while the men sit around the livingroom joking around with each other and watching whatever on tv ( we are not sports people ). The kids usually go outside.

    After dinner family darts usually happen...we get on teams and play multiple games. Then dessert then home :)

  • jessicasmom1

    jessicasmom1 Nov. 21, 3:36 PM

    :-) maybe Andrew.... LOL OK.... we will be there

  • jessicasmom1

    jessicasmom1 Nov. 21, 3:38 PM

    bring your A game .. Joanie sounds like she just challanged yah! 

  • slw123

    slw123 Nov. 21, 3:50 PM

    Sounds like a lot of fun.  My house will be chaos.  Lots of people, kids, football, etc.

  • johnny4ever

    johnny4ever Nov. 21, 5:09 PM

    Our house is more low key!

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