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Ok, I'm thankful. Now, can we eat?!

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  • louannwilkins

    louannwilkins Nov. 25, 12:04 PM

    The decorating and the music.  Plus all of the much fun!!!

  • la_bella_vita

    la_bella_vita Nov. 25, 12:28 PM

     Just being around family

  • dusky_rose

    dusky_rose Nov. 25, 12:33 PM

    We go for a family drive and see the Christmas lights in the neighborhoods.

  • sukainah

    sukainah Nov. 25, 12:36 PM

    We just like to decorate and also learn more about the holiday.  Open gifts and play a lot

  • Kmakksmom

    Kmakksmom Nov. 25, 12:59 PM

    Getting in our vehicle in the pjs we just opened with thermoses of hot chocolate and blankets to go look at Christmas lights for hours on Christmas Eve.

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