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Ok, I’m thankful. Now, can we eat?!

Chuck recalls Thanksgivings past and how he still can’t stand to wait for dinner!

Ok, I'm thankful. Now, can we eat?!

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  • clowry02

    clowry02 Nov. 30, 10:45 PM

    Love decorating the tree
  • wandep

    wandep Dec. 1, 4:20 PM

    We decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I love family time! :)
  • earthangel1967

    earthangel1967 Dec. 2, 2:41 AM

     Oh my gosh I am HUGE into the holidays and traditions so I have a very long list of them, enough to monopolize this whole post haha so I won't do that....

    My most important factor however is just making special priceless memories every chance I get with loved ones and  use every opportunity to show them how special they are. Memories last forever even after one of is passed on someday. Priceless.

    and we LOVE to laugh, sooo much fun

  • momofsixangels

    momofsixangels Dec. 2, 8:28 AM

    Making chex mix the day before Thanksgiving and st.nick coming
  • isa0330

    isa0330 Jan. 3, 4:33 PM

    Setting the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day.

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