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Men talk about things…women talk about issues.

Chuck breaks down the difference between what men and women like to talk about.

Are You and Your Spouse in a Conversation Rut?

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  • TheBabyFactory4

    TheBabyFactory4 Dec. 4, 5:38 PM

    We never have true conversations unless it's planning or the kids. We are always doing our own thing
  • TheBabyFactory4

    TheBabyFactory4 Dec. 4, 5:39 PM

    Same here.

    Quoting RobynS:

    honestly, DH and I are lacking in both quantity and quality of conversation. I can't get him to talk and most of the time he doesn't listen. It's a problem. :(

  • la_bella_vita

    la_bella_vita Dec. 4, 6:01 PM

     Honestly, we are not. We both talk each others ears off.

  • elasmimi

    elasmimi Dec. 4, 6:38 PM

    We rarely get a chance to talk at all, with his hours and raising a 7 y/o at our age. But sometimes, just being together in silence can be comforting.

  • TerriC

    TerriC Dec. 4, 6:47 PM

    Well, we definitely used to talk more. But, we do okay.

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