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Are You and Your Spouse in a Conversation Rut?

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  • chattycassie

    chattycassie Dec. 4, 8:30 PM

    Most days my s/o and I talk about daily duties kids ect. We talk a lot but its not usualy too deep unless we are having alone time.
  • kmqw229

    kmqw229 Dec. 4, 8:41 PM

    We try to talk every day. We text often & talk once the kids go to bed.
  • jen113000

    jen113000 Dec. 4, 9:09 PM

    My husband loves when I get talkative in the wee hours of the night haha. I work nights and usually talk his ear off when I get home lol.
  • Charizma77

    Charizma77 Dec. 4, 9:55 PM

    Lately we've been sick and tired and haven't had a good conversation since we went shopping without the kids last Friday..

  • Bob192

    Bob192 Dec. 4, 11:01 PM

    Yep. In a rut.  Most of our conversations are about the kids.

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