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Motherhood: Good behavior is EXPECTED, don't reward it!

It's hard to be the cool mom and still discipline your kids. Joanie gives Mary some Old School lessons that may help her out!

Is It Better to be the Cool Mom or the Old School Mom?

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  • la_bella_vita

    la_bella_vita Feb. 25, 3:42 PM

     I think it's best to be a mix of both.

  • sanj1213

    sanj1213 Feb. 25, 10:58 PM

    Good balance of both. 

  • Miranda1127

    Miranda1127 Feb. 25, 11:29 PM

     neither, there should be a healthy balance.

    Every time I hear Erika's opinions on these topics I 100% disagree w/ I TOTALLY disagree w/her thoughts on kids questioning authority. It's not a penalty of being the buddy. EVERY child should be taught to question authority. RESPECTFULLY, but questioning should always  be encouraged. It helps them to be independent, decisive, confident, a leader,  it helps build problem solving skills, it helps them to learn respect, consequences....there really is no down fall to teaching your kids to respectfully question authority when they believe something is unjust. 

  • graycalico

    graycalico Feb. 26, 12:15 AM

    This! It doesn't have to be one or the other. Depends on the situation and on the kid

    Quoting Kmakksmom:

    I think a good mix of both is great.

  • elasmimi

    elasmimi Feb. 26, 6:45 AM

    I am so lucky to have my child in a church school where we are all old school.

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