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Motherhood: Good behavior is EXPECTED, don't reward it!

It's hard to be the cool mom and still discipline your kids. Joanie gives Mary some Old School lessons that may help her out!

Is It Better to be the Cool Mom or the Old School Mom?

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  • sarahjz

    sarahjz Feb. 26, 9:27 AM

    A little of both, with it being more old-school.

  • EmptyNestMama

    EmptyNestMama Feb. 26, 10:11 AM

    Quoting Kmakksmom:

    I think a good mix of both is great.

    I agree totally!

  • jessicasmom1

    jessicasmom1 Feb. 26, 11:33 AM

    I am old schooled but I want to be the cool Mom too... but there is that fine line ... that I her parent then her friend

  • amonkeymom

    amonkeymom Feb. 26, 2:46 PM

     I absolutely agree, I think there needs to be a mix of both.

    Quoting Kmakksmom:

    I think a good mix of both is great.


  • amonkeymom

    amonkeymom Feb. 26, 2:46 PM


    Quoting Lizzys_mommy13:

    I want to be a good mix between the two. I want my kids and their friends to have fun with me, but I also want them to understand that there are rules and there are punishments when those rules are broken.


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