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Are You Fed Up with Being a Sports Widow?

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  • jen113000

    jen113000 Mar. 12, 1:47 PM

    We're not into watching much sports besides baseball. And since I like it to, it doesn't bother me to watch it.
  • Mom2jngnc

    Mom2jngnc Mar. 12, 2:13 PM

    No, most we watch together.
  • MamaBear2cubs

    MamaBear2cubs Mar. 12, 2:29 PM

    Mine is not big on sports, thankfully!

  • Leelee1008

    Leelee1008 Mar. 12, 2:54 PM

    I am not one LOL.

  • LindaClement

    LindaClement Mar. 12, 3:30 PM

    This variety of sexist intolerance is appalling to listen to.

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