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How Do You Incorporate World Prints Into Your Wardrobe?

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  • letstalk747

    letstalk747 Apr. 2, 11:35 AM

    i like these pastel jewelry , especially the green , im hittin Target
  • letstalk747

    letstalk747 Apr. 2, 11:37 AM

    i do like layering , it is adoerms
  • letstalk747

    letstalk747 Apr. 2, 11:41 AM

    i havent , but i think i will get a world print bag
  • virginiamama71

    virginiamama71 Apr. 2, 12:01 PM


    Quoting cemcnair: I'm not really a print person.


  • elasmimi

    elasmimi Apr. 2, 12:02 PM

    I have a bag with scenes from London that I love.I don't wear scarves though.

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