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Marriage Crimes: Sleeping in the guest room!

Can sleeping in separate rooms improve a couple's happiness?

Are You Guilty of Marriage Crimes?

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  • letstalk747

    letstalk747 Apr. 16, 1:42 PM


  • Saucy1

    Saucy1 Apr. 16, 2:02 PM

    We just don't say I love you all the time. The only time we don't sleep in the same bed is if one of the kids wants us to sleep with them or sometimes all the kids sleep with me and we kick daddy out.
  • proudmommy690

    proudmommy690 Apr. 16, 9:43 PM

    We don't cuddle like we used to which makes me sad. We still say I love you and sleep in the same bed.
  • SweetLuci

    SweetLuci Apr. 16, 10:34 PM

     Can't imagine....we like to be close.

  • LoriAnn87

    LoriAnn87 Apr. 16, 10:39 PM

    I sleep on the couch because I like to stay up late and don't want to disturb my husband when I do go to bed but also our oldest son comes in our bed sometimes and my husband has a apena machine to help him from snoring. I don't mine sleeping on the couch.

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