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Trusting Your Gut: Practice so hard that you no longer have to think about it

Chuck explains how athletes prepare to perform at the top of their game at every practice.

Do You Trust Your Gut?

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  • momofsixangels

    momofsixangels Apr. 23, 8:34 PM

    Most of the time

  • Bob192

    Bob192 Apr. 23, 10:31 PM

    That's awesome that she listened and made the right choice!

  • elasmimi

    elasmimi Apr. 23, 11:08 PM

    Actually, I don't usually. I can be easily swayed by the way I want things to be, not always looking at the facts.

  • sanj1213

    sanj1213 Apr. 24, 12:36 AM

    Yes I do.
  • SpiritFortress

    SpiritFortress Apr. 24, 12:47 AM

    I've learned it's best to trust my gut and do my best to pay attention to that instinct and follow it. I still make mistakes but I'm getting wiser to it as the years go by. 

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