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i'm tired of being stressed..

lately if its not one thing its another and i just want things to go back to normal.

my FIL and i got into a big fight the other day and i told Bry that i want to move. like.. now. even the fact that we have our own apartment, separated from their house etc, its not enough because his parents think that they can just stick their nose in our business and tell me how to raise my kids and treat my husband. and the funniest part! He treats his wife like a door mat and his kids cant stand him! so he doesnt really have room to talk. i know a lot of people are just like, oh ignore people who try to tell you how to raise your kids blah blah, but i dont. i cant handle it. it pisses me off. for him to look me in the face and tell me i "treat my son like absolute crap" because i wouldnt let him have a strawberry shake at 11:30 at night makes me want to spit in his face.

i'm sure one day i will forgive him, etc but for right now, the best thing is for him to stay the hell away from me and my kids. Bry and i decided to move to Salt Lake (its like 45-90 minutes away from here depending on where exactly we go) since he works up there and it will be good for me to get out of Utah Happy Valley Mormon Town. I may be LDS but i just dont fit in with the people here. i need to be out in the real world... 

anyway. i kind of look at it like, if my FIL cant keep his nose out of my business and his opinions to himself, then he doesnt need to be involved in what we are doing etc so he wont have an opinion to form. 

am i over reacting here? should i accept his apologies and get over it? i mean, i think a lot of it is because i have seen mothers who treat their kids like "absolute crap" and i am NOT one of them, i can promise that. i just am so pissed that he said that to me, and all the other fighting we do, i'm just ready to move on and forget about him altogether.

by on Mar. 23, 2013 at 12:58 PM
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by Emma on Mar. 23, 2013 at 11:04 PM

Im glad he Finally saw the light! Some men just have a hard time cutting the cord!

Quoting little.worthen:

yeah i know. i'm so glad too because if he wouldnt have on this one i would have moved out already and used the money from my wedding ring to get out!

Quoting EmmaZate:

You need it. You are surrounded by bullies. And im glad that this time your husband is on your side. Not like the car issue a few weeks ago.

Quoting little.worthen:

thank you. it really feels good to have someone reassure me like that (= you rock! and you're totally right

Quoting EmmaZate:

Honestly, Your FIL is an absolute Prick, and you treat your kids better than most parents! Tell your FIL to kiss your Ass and Yall GTFO. Seriously, if moving is the only way to get him to butt out, then Moving is what you have to do. It will make it easier on hubbys commute, Better for you to be away from Nosy In laws and the community you dont fit in with.... And I can pretty much guarantee that you wont have to deal with your FIL forcibly stealing your car because he simply does not want to drive his. Good luck, and dont let them bully you into backing down!

by Christina on Mar. 24, 2013 at 1:21 PM

I think it's great that your hubby is backing you up, and that he stood up for you. It takes a lot to do that sometimes. 

I would say that you are not over reacting. I would have told him to mind his own business. Drinking a shake that late no matter how good for you it is, is not a good idea.

I agree. Move. Find the best place for you that you can no matter where it is. I think it would be a really good thing to move closer to where your hubby works. 

Ignore his parents for a while and then when you feel you can deal with them for a little bit of time, go to their house. That way you can leave when you want and they don't know where you are living. SO they don't just pop up out of the blue to 'visit'.

Good luck.

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