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One of my best friends called yesterday,
She's always had a rough life.
She married a douchebag after she found out she was prego (she's always been in love with his brother but got stupid after a concert and didn't realize he was so much different than what she thought he was) she ended up with 3 kids while they were married. After many in/out of jail and his constant unfaithfulness(including trying to sleep with me),She's left him and was trying to better herself and worked hard for her kids.
Then she started dating a guy we knew.
She got prego and they have had their problems, he's become untrusting to her, porn addict and anger issues. So they broke it off.
She told me that her 6y/o (#2)has been seeing a therapist, she's been diagnosed with an associative disorder. She has always had a big attitude that has culminated in slamming the kitchen table into the wall and breaking 2 of my friends fingers. She threw trucks at her little sister leaving bruises on her back. When the little sister went to daycare, they called CPS on my friend. So now they have a case open on her. They Never talked to any of the people that are involved in their lives, just neighbors that know Nothing about their situation. When they talked to #2, she told them that her mom and uncle(whom had moved months ago) would tie her up and punch her! #1(9y/o) told them it was a lie! Yes they got a lawyer and are working hard to get help for #2. She will also start medication soon.
As if that all wasn't bad enough, this whole situation has made my friend lose her job.(god knows her XH doesn't pay child support, have to stay out of jail and keep a job for that) her youngest's father gets 1/2 time(for now)
Oh but wait! Here's the worst part of All!
She found out she has Stage 2 cervical cancer...
I bawled, I'm fighting years now. I just wish there was something I could do to help her. I'm a few hours away and I want to find a weekend to go down and see her. She's always tried so hard to take care of her girls. XH never did anything to help, she was the only one who could hold a job, he would just leave kids with his family to run around while she worked her butt off, he refused to let her be the mom and it was hard on her to BE a mom when she finally left him. But she's come so far and I'm proud of her. But it seems now she's losing hope on everything.... I know she won't take her own life, she couldn't do that to her babies.
I guess I just needed to get this out there...
She's been like a sister to me, I'm just not ready for her to leave this incarnation... I know I will see her again (we always do) but it scares me to not have her around just to call and talk. I'm afraid for her daughters, I dread to think that they would go to their sperm donor, and I and my DD won't get to see them again.
Idk... Thanks for listening... F***ing cancer!
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by on Apr. 2, 2013 at 8:40 AM
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by Member on Apr. 4, 2013 at 9:47 AM
I've thought about that... But with them having another parent idk how that will go...

Quoting mamabear0791:

My thoughts are with you and your friend. 

As far as her children go, I would think about becoming a guardian for them. That way, you know there will be a positive influence in their lives. 

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