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So, I have two dogs. Both dogs are well behaved and housebroken.

We recently adopted a kitten and took in two additional kittens that were placed into a bag and thrown over the fence into the wooded area behind our house. 

Apparently, my dogs are pissed at me because they have been pooping in the house!

I let them outside this morning. They were outside for TWO HOURS. As soon as I let them in, one of the dogs went into my bedroom and pooped. It's REALLY pissing me off. 

by on Jul. 17, 2013 at 1:17 PM
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by on Jul. 18, 2013 at 5:25 PM

That is what I am thinking. 

Quoting Eve-marie:

Okay. Well maybe they just have to act out for a while, like your average teen who learns mom is having another baby. Lol

Quoting LivinDeadGurl:

Quoting Eve-marie:

Maybe if you kept the kittens in one area the dogs won't be quite so annoyed. It's about territory and they're marking theirs. I hope they adjust soon. What a mess that must be!

We do keep them in one area. They pretty much stay in my bedroom. I even have their litter box and food in there for now. The dogs actually follow the kittens around. 

by Christina on Jul. 18, 2013 at 7:38 PM

If nothing else, they may get over their anger, because of being too excited with the new toys you give them.

Quoting LivinDeadGurl:

The cats haven't been here long at all, so I expected a while for adjustments. I'll just stick to my guns. I'll probably pick up those tug toys. They love those.

Quoting Basherte:

I don't really know. It kinda does seem like jealousy and being pissed off instead of what I stated.


Maybe. I just wouldn't spend a fortune on it. Make sure that they know that it is their toy only and I don't know yell at the cats if they try to play with it?

I don't really know. I'm sure you are being very consistent with it. How long have the cats been there? It might just take a little time. Like a few weeks. I'm not all that sure. I know that when there are cats in a house, when another cat is brought in, it took me about 3 to 4 weeks to get them to be okay with each other. I don't know much about dogs. Just that I kinda compare them to kids more than I do cats. *giggles* Probaby because dogs need so much more attention and care than a cat does. Cat + food+ water+clean litter box = happy cat.

dog +food+water +potty time+ TONS of attention = happy puppy

Oh and discipline for the dogs as well. Cats won't listen no matter what I've tried. At least the ones I had wouldn't. I have only ever had one cat that would come to me when I called her and it wasn't even my cat. LOL

Quoting LivinDeadGurl:

Quoting Basherte:

You need to let them know that just because you brought these cats into their home that it doesn't mean that you love them any less than you did before the cats.

Dogs are like children, in that they probably feel like you don't love them anymore.

Be stern with the pooping, but that isn't the real issue here, though it is kinda gross and understandable that you would get angry at that, the pooping is the only way they know to express how they are feeling. They don't talk after all.

So be stern with it, but also make sure that they know you LOVE THEM completely. It probably wouldn't hurt any if you told them and showed them that you love them more than the cats that you took in.

BTW: awesome on taking in and caring for those abandoned cats that were left to die.

I have been letting them know that I still love them. I play with them, let them cuddle with me and just generally love on them just as I did before, if not more. 

My male dog seems to be getting a little better. He is only pooping in the area where the cats are now, like he is trying to tell them this is HIS house. My female is a little slower on it all though. She actually won't even go outside in the morning unless I literally pick her up and put her out there. I am trying to reward her for using the potty outside and letting her know we don't potty inside, but so far no luck. I am staying consistant though.

Maybe bringing some new toys home for them will help? 

CafeMom Tickers
by on Jul. 18, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Well, I had to run out and get them food and picked them both up their favorite toys. They are both sooo happy now. Hopefully it helps a little.

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