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Game of Thrones(4/7)

Posted by on Apr. 8, 2013 at 8:30 AM
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Okay first off....the boy that meets up with Bran.  Hubby and I are sitting there and dh goes, who it that kid I recognize him.'s the boy from "Love, Actually".  Dh...."I think he is from that movie where the kid is in a band to get a girl to notice him, then the girl leaves and he chases her across the airport.".  Me..."Yep, the movie is called Love, Actually"  lol.  Anyway, we both agreed you can tell it's him.  It is crazy seeing these children actor's on shows as's making me feel old.  It's like seeing Kirsten Dunst as a child on L&O SVU and think how old she is now. 

Back to the show...

I like the addition of "the boy from Love, Actually".  I think I'm going to really like this storyline!!!

Okay an must either be really HOT or really COLD in the castle.  The woman that is going to become Queen must be really HOT since she is wearing almost nothing and Sansa must be super COLD since she has three layers of clothes on.  Anyway onto the tea meeting with the future Queen.  I can't believe that Sansa actually trusted them enough to tell them Joffery was a monster.  And cut away to Joffery with the crossbow and the woman wearing next to nothing acting like the crossbow is another body part.  This scene had my dh rolling laughing.  Holy crap could the woman be any more the crossbow was really turning her on.  I'm sure it was turning Joffery on though.  lol

Theon(I think that is the name of the guy that was fostered by the Starks)....Ok, Dh and I didn't even remember how his story ended last season.  Does anyone know what happened to him that got him to be hooded and torchered?  I remember him taking over Starks home and his sister's people riding in and taking it from him....that's it.

Arya....So is the Hell Hound going to help them?  I hope so.

Enjoyed the end with Lady Stark's friend and Jamie fighting.

Okay and one last comment.  I can't remember everyone name...I need to find a cheat sheet of some sort because it makes writting something like this really hard to do.

So Kendra and anyone else watching....what did you think of week 2?



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by on Apr. 8, 2013 at 8:30 AM
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