stockpileA stockpile is a pile of bulk stock. Traditionally this has been applied to the materials in refineries or mines. But then along came extreme couponing ……………

When we couponers use the phrase we also tend to use it as an action. To stockpile. So what do we mean? Stockpiling is the act of purchasing more than we need when we are able to do so and keeping it until we do need it. And when we say ‘purchasing’ we mean either very cheaply or for free.


Why should I stockpile? What’s the point?

Because it will save you huge amounts of money. But only if you’re sensible. And by that we don’t mean to only do it in moderation. We mean to only do it to the level which suits you.


But I can’t afford the initial outlay ……..

No-one is suggesting that you go out today and come home with a truck load of goods. Start small. If you have some half price coupons today then don’t buy your usual amount for half the price. Buy twice the amount and pay your usual price. So your shopping today has cost no more than last week. But you have started your stockpile. Next time do the same with a few more products. You will find your stock pile will go up. And your shopping bill will start to go down – but not for a while.


What are the advantages of stockpiling?

  • You will decrease your shopping bills by a significant amount.
  • An unexpected crisis – financial, severe weather etc – will leave you with a ‘cushion’ of supplies.
  • You can be extremely generous if you would like to (see below).


stockpileWhat are the disadvantages of stockpiling?

The only real problem you may come up against is space. Stockpiling a year’s supply of toothpaste is one thing. A year’s supply of toilet roll is a totally different matter! If this is an issue then it would be sensible to limit the type of product you are building up!

Where ever you use for your storage area must be:-

  • Large enough for your needs. Not just to pile everything in to. But also so you can access and rotate your stock.
  • Dry and – depending upon your product – not subject to extreme temperatures.


Is there anything else I can do with all this product?

Yes. Definitely…..

  • Swap your excess product with other people. If you belong to any ‘coupon clubs’ then use these. They aren’t just for swapping coupons. Or if you don’t belong to any of these clubs then just do the same with family, friends and neighbours.
  • Sell it on ebay or on a local stall. But people will expect a bargain themselves. So unless you’re careful you could end up doing nothing more than getting your money back. Also be aware that there’s a fine line between selling a few extra products at the local school fayre and running a market stall! You will be in a whole heap of trouble if the IRS decide they want their share!
  • Do you have children, or nephews and nieces away at college? Can you imagine how much a few free extra goods will mean to them if you have them available?
  • Donate it to a food bank. Look for your local ‘Feeding America’ food bank.

Or you could do a whole mixture of the above. Make some savings, make some money and share your gains with others.


Any tips on how to successfully stockpile?

The golden rule of couponing as a whole – but especially stockpiling;-

“A deal is nothing but a waste of money if you don’t need the product.”

If you intend to swap, donate etc then great! But it is far too easy to get hooked on ‘finding that deal’. And then ending up with a stockpile of waste!

What else?

  • Many stockpilers will happily stock up for 2 years ahead. But any further ahead than this and you do have to question if you are going too far….. Decide the maximum amount you want to stockpile. Then sell / swap / donate the rest.
  • Ensure you can access all your stock so it doesn’t get forgotten.
  • Keep an eye on those expiry dates. And if you purchase more of something you already have then make sure you rotate the stock.
  • Know what you are buying. Don’t buy 18 months supply of breakfast ‘Wheeto Flakes’ just for the kids to refuse to eat it!stockpile


One last cautionary word. Keep it all in perspective. This can be addictive. Ask your friend or partner to tell you if they have concerns. It can start as a fantastic way to save money. And before you know it you have a bedroom full of washing powder and the kids have eaten nothing for a week except sprouts! Be warned!