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Am I the only one in the world who HATES their neighbors?

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So  I live in a small town, about 400 people.

350 are idiots who swam out of  the shallow end of the gene pool.

50 are non-native, probably ok, but I haven't met them yet!

Two houses away from me lives another single semi-retiree. She as two dogs. Since November she has had a new house under construction on her lot and doesn 't live there yet.

But the dogs do. And they bark all night. They NEVER stop barking. I get up at 3 a.m. to go to work. My dd has school. Two houses away and they are so loud it literally keeps me awake OVER the noise of the fan, heater, white noise machine.

We get NO sleep. Since November.I have asked her repeatedly to quiet the dogs or move them or buy a bark collar or anything. She always apologizes profusely, but refuses to do anything about the dogs.

Yesterday I finally broke down and went to the chief of police's house and made a complaint. He spoke to her. She immediately knew I was the one who complained, of course, and promptly began tattle-telling on all the neighbors around her, like a 7 year old!

As soon as the chief left, she went from one house to the other on my street calling me names, complaining about me, etc.

Now I don't really care what the neighbors think, but I wonder, what justifies her actions when she was the one whose refusal to obey the law about nuisance barking, and neighborhood complaints, and negligent pet ownership prompted my self-preservation actions?

Given the above info, what is your opinion on this? Am I wrong for what I did?

I almost decided that killing the dogs would be better and prevent drama, but I resisted the urge, and did the legal thing. 

She will undoubtedly be coming back around at some point to be chatty. I have no intention of being polite at all! Am I wrong for that?


by on Mar. 26, 2013 at 11:11 PM
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by Silver Member on Mar. 28, 2013 at 6:47 PM

LMAO!!! I'm on a mountain in TN...its interesting to say the least. 

I must also say I am ONLY talking about my immediate area....(need to cover my

Quoting AleaKat:

I'm a Louisiana girl stuck in the nc mountains.
I don't think redneck and hillbilly mixes well. Lol

Quoting mysticalmalissa:

bwhahahaha!!!  I think I love you!!!

I live in the same kind of area, except theses hillbillies are inbred (true story).

I've caused one neighbor to sell and move and got one left, who put a sign in their yard three weeks ago!!!

*does happy dance*

Quoting AleaKat:

I'm not originally from the area I live in and I've come to realize we only get along with other people who aren't from here. These hillbillies get into last nerve! They have been nothing but lazy, unreliable and judgmental bigots.

by Member on Mar. 28, 2013 at 8:06 PM

The neighbors were probably secretly thinking behind closed doors" Glad someone is doing something about her dogs"

by Member on Mar. 28, 2013 at 8:14 PM

I know they were, at one time or another, since November, they've all mentioned it. However, now I am suddenly  the "bad guy".

She even told a couple of them that my dog goes across the street and craps in the school yard, and the teachers were complaining about me to the principal.

She doesnt have kids or grandkids in school, and doesn't know anyone over there. How would she know that? And my dog wears a harness when she's outside, and never gets off the leash unless we go to the woods by the river! She's "car stupid" and might get run over. My dog, not the neighbor, I mean.

It's ridiculous anyway since we have enough stray dogs here to populate a medium sized island.

But now, all the neighbors are mad at me, she is telling them I complained about their dogs.

I simply went around and asked them if the chief had talked to any of them.

they said "no".

I asked if they knew if the chief talked to her , they said "yes, and she is mad...."

I said "well, that ought to tell you about whom the complaint was made, right?"

Nipped that crap in the bud. She's an idiot.

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