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I'm about fed up with all this CRAP!!! (REALLY LONG RANT)

So, tonight, my father in law starting moaning and bitching about a comment my husband made about toilet paper. All my husband said was that people need to start putting toilet paper in the bathroom when the use up a roll. And then my father in law just went off. First it was about the toilet paper and then he start going off about the garbage and how no one ever helps clean up the kitchen, blah blah blah! Now, yes, it is his house. But it's technically my husband's house as well as his name is on the deed. We pay rent every month and help with the groceries. It just gets so frustrating sometimes because he ALWAYS does this when he drinks. But he always wants to bitch and me and the hubby. Sometimes he and husband's brother will get into but good grief. One comment about toilet paper and he goes off as if the hubby insulted him or something! Oh, and don't even get me started about this morning when my husband's loud ass brother woke my son up. Terry, my FIL, yelled at me because I yelled at Frankie. FIL said "It's 11:00, it's time for him to get up anyway." I tried to explain that we had a late night because of teething but he just kept on and on so I just walked off. He has all these opinions about how to raise MY's extremely irritating. I can't have one freaking opinion in this house without getting yelled at. Granted, the hubby could help out around the house more. I would but I'm busy with an active 10 month old. The thing one else helps Terry around the house. So why doesn't he go and bitch at hubby's brothers? Hubby has started saving his money so we can get our own trailer. But he only gets $690 a month and half of that goes towards rent. Hubby has his own bills to pay like the computer and t.v and stuff. Plus, he buys the stuff I need every month plus stuff for the baby. I am just really tired of this. Frankie is mentally slow and is always going off about something. He's already broken a few dish and my sandwich maker thingy during one of his fits. I actually had to take my son out of the kitchen because Frankie was swinging a freaking frying pan around! I've done told Terry that he needs to put frankie somewhere before he ends up hurting somebody but he won't listen... GRRRR! *Apparently, i did not state this in the above post. I would just like to point out that I do help out. I don't just sit around the house all day doing nothing. I do the dishes when there are dishes to be done, I sweep the floor when it needs sweeping, I do laundry, I cook from time to time. And it isn't like Terry does a whole lot of house work either. most of the time, he's either watching T.v or on the computer...just like everyone else. I just get frustrated when he gets drunk and bitches about how no one helps out around the house...because I do help out.*
CafeMom Tickers
by on Apr. 20, 2013 at 12:23 AM
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by Bronze Member on Apr. 22, 2013 at 7:59 PM

*Face palm* I'm pretty sure I stated in my post that I do help out. That is why I get so annoyed when Terry says I don't help out because i help out more than anyone else in the house. Sure, my hubby could probably help out more but he does help out some. I do the laundry when it needs done, I sweep, I wash the dishes, I feed the animals, let them out to use the bathroom, etc... The only thing I don't do is take the garbage out. And that's only because I am too short to get the bag out of the can without ripping it.

And for your information, I am on birthcontrol. Somehow I thought this was a safe place to vent...but apparently some people can't freaking read.

And my husband doesn't work. He gets a disability check because he had to have surgery about a year or two for a severly twisted spine. Now neither of us can find work. We have to get a new vehicle before I resume my job hunt because our truck is about to give out on us and is NOT a reliable source of transportation.

Quoting Anonymous:

Why can't you help clean? I have a little one too and I clean, do laundry, wash dishes, sweep...when your baby naps or sleeps or is playing you need to get off your ass and clean. And why don't you have a job? You sound very young and immature. You had a kid and couldn't afford one, I have no sympathy for people like you because you made irresponsible decisions and now you want to complain? You need to move because its not going to get better. And please to on some kind of birth control because you don't need to bring another kid into this messed up situation. Hubby needs to get a second job because I don't know how you can survive on that income.

CafeMom Tickers
by Bronze Member on Apr. 22, 2013 at 8:07 PM

I know a lot of you have suggested that I help out. I have pointed at in a few responses that I DO help out...which is why it aggravates me so much to be bitched at about for not helping out.

1: I get up at 6:30 EVERY morning to get my younger bil up for school. I also have to get my FIL up. Once they are both up, I got back to bed for about 3 hrs unless my son is already up.

2: As soon as I wake up 3 or 4 hrs, I tend to my son. I put him in his high chair, give him his breakfast, and then precede to wash the dishes (there is usually a sink full because my BIL Frankie tends to get up in the middle of the night and eat and NOT wash his dishes.)

3: I feed the animals and then let them out to go the bathroom. If they have "messed" in the house, I clean it up. I then sweep the kitchen floor and wash off the dining room table.

4: If there is any laundry to do, than I do it

5: I clean our room as best I can. Our room is a bit small so there isn't a whole lot of room for stuff.

Of course, most of this stuff is done while my FIL is still in bed. Sometimes I might wake up a little later than normal, depending on how late my son kept me up the night before. I do this EVERY single day. And then Terry still bitches about no one helping him out. I try to explain that I do help out and he doesn't believe  me because by the time he gets up, my BIL frankie has 3 or 4 dishes in the sink he hasn't washed, spilled something on the floor he doesn't want to clean up, and is on his ass in the living room blaming all the messes on me.

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