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So, I am not looking for advice, but for a group of people that may have some of the same issues and is looking to have a bitch fit with me :) lol

My husband is a hard worker - works for his Dad's construction company. He is outside daily doing heavy hard work. When he gets home he is too tired to do ANYTHING & he never has hardly any patience with our son. He complains about out growing (in the belly region) some of his cloths, but never wants to go for walks with me and our son. Never wants to do exercises with me in the house (we have a perfect pull up bar and a few other small things). The guy is on in a size 30, he isn't fat, but complains all the time about not being extremely fit with a six pack and such.

He has a hobby of playing airsoft...spends quite a lot of money on it and that is very active play. He is always willing to go off with his friends to play airsoft, but if I ask him on a weekend day or after a work day to go for a walk with me and let his son ride his bike he will never do it and says he is too tired. I feel like we are not a priority to him. We are 24 & 25, so still kind of young and he still has some of his priorities out of line...but geez it drives me crazy.

He has been home with us all day and has slept majority of the day. I woke him up at 10am this morning and made him breakfast to get him to get up with me...Then after he got done eating he fell asleep on the couch. He got up off the couch at about 2 and went to the bedroom and laid down on our bed...just got out of bed again and it is almost 6! What a waste of a day!

by on Jul. 6, 2013 at 5:53 PM
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by Anonymous 3 on Jul. 8, 2013 at 9:16 PM

 That's what I want too. He just needs to spend more time with the family. My MIL is a total Biatch! Seriously! We were fine until today when she came over and started crap.

Quoting MommyDearest555:

Maybe our husbands are related!!!! 

You definitely know exactly what I am talking about! My husband's mother apologizes to me all the time lol bc she is like the best MIL ever, but she would be even more over the moon great had she not put up with his shit when he was younger! Then I wouldn't have to be going through it. We have two boys and oh man, I am going to prepare them so well to take care of a woman! They will know better than this shit lol

I don't mind at all doing everything for my kids, I would just really really love to spend more time with my husband and my kids together. I married him for a reason sheesh! I am not one to need every waking moment with my husband. I don't mind that he has the airsoft hobby or that he wants to hang out with our friends and such, but there needs to be more time with his family before he just runs off for the other stuff.

Quoting Anonymous:

OMG! I know EXACTLY what you mean!! My husband just sleeps the whole day away and doesn't see a problem with it! We don't even eat together anymore. I gave up on trying with that. The kids and I eat together, but he'll end up eating much later when it's already put up as leftovers in the fridge so it doesn't spoil. He wants absolutely nothing to do with our kids, and would much rather spend all of his free time with the guys, or his side of the family. He's 24 as well, and I know we're still young, but seriously? I know better than to think he's still a teenager! His mom put up with that crap for the longest time, but I won't!

Last time we talked about what was going on he blew up on me and then straightened up for 3 days. Now it's back to the same old routine. So, yeah I'm right there with ya!

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