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Your surround sound is a pain in my a**..

Posted by Anonymous
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We rent an apartment in a upper middle class town and out lease isn't up until the end of June. Well, a couple months ago a woman and her 16 year old daughter moved in upstairs from us.A couple weeks after they moved in, we ran into each other in the hallway and she asked if her music was too loud. I said I can hear it but during the day I don't mind, I like to listen to music while I clean, so have at it. I also said "I noticed you have surround sound, is there anyway you can keep that down at night because I have a 5 year old little guy and I put him to bed no later than 9. (Keep in mind I 'noticed' the surround sound because I thought there was a thunderstorm outside it was so loud a few nights before.)
She said no problem, and it's been kept to a minimum ever since, which is cool. Well last night it was pretty loud, but DS slept through it so I just watched tv and didn't go up and ask them to turn it down. Tonight, I put DS to bed around 8 and he was asleep by 815, their surround sound went on right around 830 and my ceiling was literally shaking. I was waiting for my husband to come home from work since he works second shift and was going to ask them after 10 to quiet down (noise ordinance is 10-6 so there isn't much I can say before then.) at 10, my DS woke up crying because he thought there was a thunderstorm outside and they scare him. I got him back down pretty quickly by turning the tv on in my room and putting him in there. My husband was running late so I went up and knocked on the door. Their fucking surround sound was so loud I had to knock 3 separate times, finally they heard me knocking but couldn't be bothered to come to the door. They turned the surround sound down a small amount, but I could still hear it in my apartment.
I mentioned it to my husband and he tells me I'm being 'dramatic' and 'emotional and hormonal because you're pregnant.' I then tell him I'm pissed and I'm going to say something to the landlord if it happens again, and he tells me I should go up again tomorrow and ASK them nicely to turn it down.
I'm so frustrated. They know their are small children downstairs and across the hall (a six year old and 6month old twins.) is it really necessary to be obnoxious on a weeknight? And then ignore your neighbor who's knocking on your door to politely ask you to turn the surround sound down. I have a surround sound system, it's technically my husband's and it's worth probably $10,000 it's so loud I haven't used it since we moved in here because I don't want to be rude, it is so tempting to wait until 730 Saturday morning, plug my phone into the surround and turn it all the way up. I know that's immature and ignorant and my the way to handle it and obviously I wouldn't actually do it, but I'm so frustrated and pissed about this. Am I being dramatic and hormonal, or am I right?
Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 28, 2014 at 11:41 PM
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by Member on Apr. 28, 2014 at 11:48 PM
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I would do that an blast something like opera or polka music for effect.
by Bronze Member on Apr. 28, 2014 at 11:48 PM

I don't want you confronting strangers who didn't listen the first time. Cll management then call the cops and ask them to document it. They will come nd knock if it's after ten here.  Sorry they're messing with you. 

by Bronze Member on Apr. 28, 2014 at 11:49 PM
I think you have every right to be pissed. Do like your DH said and go talk to them tomorrow and ask them to keep it down especially on weekdays. Then go write it down in a notebook and start documenting it. Just in case they turn out to be real asshats and keep it up.
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