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Cynical Sunday... This B* don't want a job, she wants a hand out!

Posted by Anonymous
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Somebody obviously wants to LOOK like they want a job -    SMDH     This is a current conversation on our local city's facebook page.   1. The whole city tried to help you find a job (well not literally, but the whole city can see this conversation) 2. You turned up nothing but excuses for EVERY single suggestion 3. The whole town knows you look down your nose at all of their available jobs.  4. The words in red are what I was thinking as I was reading the post.... I might work for one of the last 3 companies as the HR manager....

(OP)Anyone know anywhere that's hiring in (small town, USA)

 Have you tried the new Walmart?

(OP) No. Is there a daycare in Small Town USA. I'm a single mom

Not that I'm aware of (tagged a friend) is there a daycare in Small Town USA?

I don't think so

I wasn't sure. Thank you ma'am.

(OP)Thanks y'all

theres a daycare in Next Town Over USA, not sure if they are hiring but its a great place to work, it used to be Noahs Ark..

(OP) Okay thank you

We are always taking app CDA a plus with exp needed

(OP) Sorry don't have that. I've been a stay at home mom for a while. But what are yalls prices a month. I need my daughter in daycare so I can work ~ A job? Doing what I've been doing for the last few years... AW hell no!

Family dollar is looking for an assistant manager. Must have flexible availability. I was trying but I have a day job and can't be on call

(OP) I could only work until I have to pick my daughter up from daycare ~ HELLO!  Your haven't even checked with the daycare yet?   P.S.  To my CM readers... the daycare in the next town over (a whopping 6 miles away) is open until 10PM

Dennys in Next Town Over USA

 (OP)I won't do food industry anymore ~ Translation: I'm too good for that

I dont blame ya..Id rather rob and steal before I done that..... <----  Well that's a local problem ain't it?

(OP) Well I wouldn't do that but I'm just sick of working around food. I loved being a secretary ~I'm willing to bet her "secretary" experience is limited to that one time she answered the phone while in the managers office when she worked at iHop ~ AND    "sick of working around food" usually means "That's mostly all I've done". 

There was someone needed to sit with thier mom but its 7 days a week ....4 hrs a morn and 1 hr in eve at $9.00 /hr.

(OP) I couldn't pay daycare with that kinda hours ~ you STILL don't even know what daycare cost! This is 35 hours a week!   Which is a heck of a lot more than other people are getting at a lot of jobs right now.

There is a oil company I heard needing one...Il have to find out and let ya know....but check with Bass....Basic...and Prism...also go to Unemployment office in (County Seat) and check bulletin board as you walk in and craigslist for east texas employment. <------ BINGO!  Somebody rang her dollar bell.

(OP)Okay thank you ~ You have no experience or education that would even put you in competition with all of the other women in the area whose husbands have been laid off recently and are qualified for the position of Admin. 

  Lazy people irritate the crap out of me.        (Rant over)

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 16, 2015 at 12:22 AM
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