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1/23: Winter Storm

Posted by on Jan. 23, 2016 at 5:02 PM
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by Lee, Furnace Tech, Atlanta Georgia

     The winter storms had brought Atlanta to a stand still. I inched my way up an ice-covered hill, peering at the address on the house, searching for 2002. The truck ahead of me had lost traction and another skidded into the ditch. The ice was so bad that the heating and air technician firm from where I worked had cancelled all apointments except emergencies. That's where I headed, living years in Alaska I had learned to drive on ice.

     I took pride in always being careful. I had all my tools, extra equipment for emergencies, even salt for the walks. I double checked my paper work it said 2002. The numbers on the houses indicated I was getting close. I parked my van in a snow and ice filled driveway, I chocked my wheels so my van didn't slide. I checked the numbers on the mail boxes, the snow was caked but I could clearly see 2002.

    I trudge up to the house. Knocked on the door, a woman opened the door and let me in. Standing there in front of me was lady hugging her chest and teeth chattering. I'm here to check your furnace. She began to cry. Your office told me that you couln't come. No wonder she was was freezing the thermostat read 27 degrees.

     She pointed the way to the heating unit. I went to work I had to replacea few parts. I flipped the switch and the unit began to humm. Almost instantly you could feel warm air. I totaled up, parts and labor it was over 300.00$'s. "all set, Ma'am" As I headed to the door she stopped me. What made you come here?. I said my boss, wait a minute, "I moved to Atlanta last month," she said "Just before my husband was deployed to Iraq. Five days ago I had our first baby. When I returned home the house was freezing. I called everyone in town and no one was getting out. I feel to my knees and prayed.

     I went to the van and pulled out the salt and salted her walk. I just pulled out of the driveway nd my boss was on the phone asking me where I was the man at 2002 was getting mad. I told him I just left 2002. I looked closer at the mail box it was marked 2002. I reached out and touched it and the snow had turned the number 2882 into 2002.

    Yes it was true that 2882 wasn't on my list. At that moment i knew I had been sent to the right address....

by on Jan. 23, 2016 at 5:02 PM
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