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Posted by on Apr. 29, 2014 at 2:05 AM
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Hello Ladies here is the list of words for MAY BINGO! Pick 25 of the 100 words and send me a copy... Do not post your words in this post, only send them to me, so know one can see your words.... Keep a copy for yourself also.... BINGO starts on Mon 5/5, so get your words to me ASAP.... Thanks for playing Ladies!


A) Acceptance, Accolade, Admiration, Adoption, Adoration, Adore, Adult, Advice, Advising, Affect, Affection, Affectionate, Affinity, Amorous, Amour, Ancestry, Angel, Appreciation, Ardent, Ardor, Attachments, Aunt, Authority, Awe

B) Baby, Beautiful, Beloved, Better half, Bond, Bouquet

C)  Captivate, Care-giver, Caring, Celebrate, Champion, Charm, Cheerleader, Cherish, Chocolate, Church, Close-knit, Closeness, Commitment, Companion, Compassion, Congeniality, Cordial, Counsel, Courage, Cousin, Cozy, Custody

D) Darling, Date, Daughter, Dear, Dedicated, Devoted, Devotion, Dine, Discipline, Domestic, Duty

E) Effect, Effective, Elder, Emotion, Endear, Endearment, Engagement

F) Family, Fascinate, Favor, Favorite, Fellowship, Female, Flowers, Folks, Fond of, Forgiving, Friendship

G) Gathering, Gem, Genes, Gentle, Gifts, Girlfriend, Goddess, Grandmother

H) Heart, Heartfelt, Helper,  Heritage, Homecoming, Honesty, Honey, Honey bunch, Honor, Hospitality, Household, Hug

I) Idolize, Inclination, Inherit, Invest

J) Jewelry, Jewels

K) Karma, Kin, Kindness, Kinfolk, Kinship, Kiss, Knowledge

L)  Learning, Lessons, Life, Like, Lilies, Lineage, Listener, Love, Loyalty

M) Marry, Maternal, Matriarch, Memories, Mostly, Motherhood, Multi-task

N) Necessary, Notion

O) Obligation, Ode, Offer, Offspring, Opulent, Overflow, Oversee

P) Parentage, Perfume, Plants, Precious, Prize, Protection, Protective, Pure

Q) Quaint, Qualities, Query, Quiet

R) Recognition, Regard, Relationship, Relatives, Remembrance, Reminiscent, Responsibility, Restaurant, Reunion,  Reward, Ribbon, Romantic

S) Sachets, Safety, Security, Sisterhood, Special, Spouse, Support, Sweet, Sweetheart

T) Teacher, Tender, Tenderness, Ties, Time, Token, Treasure, Treat, True love

U) Union, Unique, Universal,  Up-bringing, Utmost

V)  Very, Virtuous, Vow

W) Warmth, Wisdom, Wise, Worthy

X) XOXO (hugs & kisses)

Y) Yearning, Years, Yield, Youthful

Z) Zeal, Zestful


                                                    LADIES PLAYING!





by on Apr. 29, 2014 at 2:05 AM
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