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Posted by on Mar. 12, 2014 at 10:59 PM
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I love being part of the influencer program! Thank you for the opportunity!
1) Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? How old are your kids? I'm a 30 year old stay at home mom and I have a homecare. I live in south east Wisconsin and have my whole life. I have 3 wonderful kiddos who are 7, 3, and 1.

2) We are big on healthy eating in my family. Tons of fruit and as many veggies as the kids will allow me to squeeze in. We stay away from processed food and I'm probably what you would referto as old school. I cook fro, scratch and grow my own garden. I freeze much of this stuff so we can still enjoy it in winter. I would consider myself and family overall living a healthy life style. We excercise a lot as well. Between my workout routine amd the kids always riding there bikes or running around, we have a lot of activity going on in our home.

3) What healthy habits are you teaching your kids? We encourage a kids to always stay active and when their hungry in between meals to grab a piece of fruit. I also push water a lot and don't even have options like juice or soda in my home. Hygiene health is important too of course. Being winter and the dry weather my kiddos are bathed daily. They brush their teeth twice a day and for the most part without a fight. We always remind them that healthy choice make active happy kids.

4) How can you encourage your kids to develop their own healthy habits? By being the example. If we display positive healthy choices in our home I believe my children will naturally develope the same lifestyle.

5) Do you have any tips for other moms to help get their kids to brush regularly? Is it something they think they can remember to do on their own? Start when they get teeth and be consistant. Make it fun, not a chore. I have an inspection I do on their teeth and my 3 yr old is always very proud when I say he did great. For the little ones who fight brushing teeth. Get a vibrating brush that they will hopefully chew on to help clean their teeth. Stay at it!
by on Mar. 12, 2014 at 10:59 PM
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