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Homemade spray deodorant

Posted by on Mar. 12, 2014 at 11:16 AM
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The Recipe To make your own natural homemade spray deodorant.

Follow these simple steps:

purchase a bottle of grain ethyl alcohol, a.k.a. high proof liquor like Everclear, (we used to recommend isopropyl [rubbing] alcohol but do no longer because it can be toxic when used for long periods of time)

purchase a small refillable spray bottle (we use the 3oz variety commonly found in the personal product travel section) – approximately $1.00/bottle (buy glass spray bottles here)

pour the alcohol into the spray bottle spray on clean armpits for protection against body odor caused by bacteria if you’d like, add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil per 1 oz. of alcohol (4 oz. alcohol = 40 drops tea tree).

Does it work? Yes – it works.  Yes – it’s that simple.  Yes – it’s that inexpensive.  Believe it… I have been doing exactly this for about 3 months now and will never go back to expensive, chemical laden, store bought deodorants.

Does it sting/hurt? It depends.  Using the spray immediately after shaving does sting, but will only last for a second or two and is definitely doable.

Does it smell? It smells like alcohol, but can be supplemented with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  Try an antibacterial essential oil to combat the odor like peppermint, tea tree, lavender, or lemon. For excessive perspiration, try lemongrass or litsea cubeba.

Will I stink? No… remember question number 1 – it works.  The alcohol kills the bacteria that cause the odor.

Will I still sweat? Yes, and you should. Sweating is good for you; it is your body’s way of releasing toxins.  If you blocking your sweat pores by using antiperspirant you impede your body’s ability to naturally release those toxins.  Impeding this process can also effect the pH balance in your body leaving your body more prone to infection by harmful viruses and bacteria.  Using the alcohol allows your body to release the toxins unimpeded, yet still eliminates odors by killing the bacteria outside the body.

How long does it last? Depending on how much you exert yourself, it may last all day, or you may need to reapply.  In my experience I have NEVER had to apply it more than twice in one day – once in the morning… and once in the evening.

Will it stain or bleach my clothes? No, not in our experience.  I would say as long as you are not dumping copious amounts of alcohol all over your clothing you should be fine.

Is it safe? Using alcohol as deodorant is just as safe as use as an antiseptic on cuts and scrapes.  Unless someone has an allergy to alcohol, using it as a deodorant is safe for adults and young adults alike. Research has shown continued use of isopropyl alcohol on the skin can have adverse effects, so we recommend using a high proof ethyl alcohol instead.

Why haven’t I heard of this before? Because companies cannot make money by marketing it.

Are there other uses for alcohol? Sure, be creative.  I always encourage people to decrease their dependence on consumer products, and increase their own ability to “think and live outside the box.”

Did I mention that this will save you money?

family in the vanTand4bears

by on Mar. 12, 2014 at 11:16 AM
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