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How Have Things Changed For You Since Having Your Baby?

Posted by on Jul. 1, 2014 at 11:14 AM
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Since becoming a mom you know your life will never be the same! Tell us, What is your favorite thing about being a new mom?  How has your life changed with your new addition to the family?

by on Jul. 1, 2014 at 11:14 AM
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by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 4:44 PM
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Hello my name is Christina and I live in Vegas with my boyfriend and our nine month old daughter. The only thing that changed about my home and our family is that my daughter is here now. Watching her grow and learn everyday. I love watching her trying to do things on her own.Be patient and take your time, you do not have to be everything at once. Take a nap when they do. My body and emotions have changed and I have to be more aware of my surroundings. My whole life has changed since being a mom again.
by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 4:49 PM
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My name is Katie and I live in Ohio. I'm a SAHM and homeschool my children. I have 5 boys. My oldest is 9 and my baby will be 1 in about 2 weeks. I love being a mom and enjoy watching my boys grow and learn everyday. 

by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 4:50 PM
Hey, my name is Jackie, I am a stay at home mom of 5. I'm from South Carolina, my youngest baby is 1. Schedule is the biggest difference at home. Not much has changed body wise other than weight gain.
My favorite part of being a mom is watching how my baby grows and learns things. All baby's learn and grow at different rates so it amazes me to see the differences.
Tips for new mommies is always prepare as much as possible and do things when you have time. Having kids can take a lot of planning to be able to do things and be on time. For instance if I know I have to go somewhere early the next morning I try to prepare the bag the night before. Cook when your baby naps so your not pressed trying to do things and comfort the baby as well.
by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 5:06 PM
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My name is Brit I am a 28 year old stay at home mom to my nine month old daughter.

Our family as a whole is much closer. With my daughter being the first baby in the family she gets a lot of love and attention. With that said I also get time to maintain my normalcy of working out and preparing healthy dinners and meals for our family. My body bounced back fairly well but I'm still healing from a traumatic labor.

I am no longer employed but my new job is much more exciting and the payoff is better. I love watching her grow and go through all the changes from being a newborn to where she is now.

One too I have for new moms based upon these past mind months is that it's not bad to ask for help!

The biggest change I have experience is intimacy has been more difficult but due to my birthing experience. My husband is very understanding and we work on it!
by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 5:17 PM
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I'm Jan. I've been married for 10 years & have three little girls! Adding a third daughter to our family has been so much easier than I expected. I think it's because my older two are 7 & 4 -- they're able to entertain themselves & help around the house. Caroline fits just perfectly into our family. Now that she's one, I feel like things are settled around here. So much so that we're TTC #4! Over the past 5 months, I've lost 35#! I weigh less now than I did when I got pregnant with my oldest. My body is different though. My clothes don't fit the same. I wear bigger bottoms. I've just decided I'm "hippy" & made to have babies! My biggest advice for new moms is to let the little stuff go! The house, perfect dinners, put-together outfits, a million errands. Keep the house clean enough, feed your family (even take out), try to shower a few times a week, and run essential errands. Enjoy your baby! I spent the first two months of Caroline's life holding her & nursing her. I wouldn't trade it. Messy house & all!
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by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 5:57 PM
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Hello. My names is nicole, and I am a sahm. I live in Washington, and I just turned 30! My little girl is 13 months old.

Things have definitely changed at home since my lil girl has been here. She kind of runs the house, and things are done are onus what is best for her needs. My body has changed a lot since having her, I still feel a little "off". My lower back is probably the worst part about it, makes it difficult to get a good nights sleep.

I love being a new mom, especially a sahm. I get to see all of her first, and kinda see the world through her eyes. I love seeing her light up when she does something new.

The biggest thing I have learned is that not everything will go as planned, and it's not the end of the world. I have always been the type to plan out far and advance, and get annoyed when things don't happen as planned. My daughter has mad me learn to lighten up a bit, and just let some things happen as they may.
by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 6:00 PM
Hi I'm Kathleen, I'm 28, a stay home mom of 3 from Philly. 6, 3, 9 months. Things at home are as chaotic as ever. We spend a lot of time outside so the baby is loving her first spring with her big brothers!

I love watching my babies embrace nature, definitely one of my favorite parts of being a mom, seeing the baby take it all in.

Since having my baby I've lost quite a few lbs from nursing. I had a fairly easy natural birth so my body bounced back. Since I gave birth I've pretty much learned how to live on 5 hours of sleep.

The third time around I learned diaper bags are so overrated, with three - I need a BIG purse with lots of pockets. The kids get 3/4 of it!
by New Member on Jun. 12, 2014 at 6:22 PM
My name is Kenetha and I have 2 girls. Jaeden is 2 amd Peyton is soon to be 11 months. Right now im a stay at home mom trying to run my own business. The girls seem to have a love hate relationship going on. I am more of a referee than a mom it seems. The baby is taking over my 2 yr old.
My body has definitely changed because im 30 pounds over weight that I cant seem to lose no matter what I do. Im breastfeeding which is good. But they dont tell you that losing all those calories makes you just as hungry.
by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 6:38 PM
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 Hey everyone!

I'm Olivia. I live in Brooklyn with (now) three kids, three cats, my husband and my dog. Our newest addition is now a babbling, stumbling (he's learning to walk), almost 10 month old little boy. Things haven't changed all that much with our family dynamics. I got to be a SAHM for the last year, which was nice, but I started back to work this week actually! My older kids, both girls, love their little brother. I have successfully lost and kept off (most of) 28 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. I find that bouncing back from this pregnancy was much easier than the first two. My body seems to know what to do at this point.

My favorite thing about being a new mom (or new again mom) is the baby toothless smiles. He is the happiest baby ever. I have not had a grumpy baby yet, but he is definately the happiest.  I think that the biggest tip I could give a new mom is RELAX. Babies are really durable. That sounds awful, but it is true. No one cares if you (and your baby) smell like week old milk (because it has been that long since you've had a chance to shower). The calmer and more laid back you are, the happier both you and your baby will be. 

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by on Jun. 12, 2014 at 6:53 PM

Hi All!! I'm Chrissy, 32 (almost 33). I've been married for 5 years (in a week) to my best friend. We have three beautiful children, two girls and a boy. My girls are almost 4 and 23 months and my son is 11 months. As I've had three children, my body has changed in quite a few ways over the past 4 years. After I had my first daughter, I bounced back rather quickly and dropped a bit of weight, but noticed that I gained hips! I gained the weight I lost back and then got pregnant with my second daughter. After I had her, I was in the process of trying to lose weight, but ended up becoming pregnant just 3 months pp. With two pregnancies so close together, my cycle is still a little strange, but I'm taking birth control, so I at least have a good idea of when aunt flo will show up!

My favorite thing about having a new baby around the house is all of the cuddles! I can't believe my baby is almost one and growing so fast :(

The first year of being a mommy goes so fast, so for anyone experiencing it for the first time, all I can say is ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!! 

Since giving birth to my babies, not a whole lot has changed, but I'm now determined to be more fit and healthy for my children!

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