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The Theft

Posted by on Nov. 24, 2014 at 1:12 AM
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The Theft

•George: Kach, I’m ready to travel only to make you realize that the issue is a matter of principle, and not personal interest.

•Kach: Good, but I have one condition!

•George: Condition! What?

•Kach: That you send a message to the board of directors to tell them you changed your mind about the resignation, and that you’ve accepted to travel.

•George: Why?

•Kach: To calm the storm you created.

•George: Okay fine; then I agree, but when shall I travel?

•Kach: As soon as we book the ticket, but where do you want to fly to?

•George: Egypt.

•Kach (laughing): You seem to still be searching for the path to happiness. The director of public relations at the Reservation Department will meet you soon - and then go and find your happiness.

•George: Thanks.

George headed to his office. A few minutes later - less than ten minutes - the director of public relations came to him.
•The director of public relations: I’ve booked a ticket for you to fly to Egypt the day after tomorrow. Will that suit you?

•George: What’s the rush?

•The director of public relations: I don’t know! This is upon Kach’s request, and I’m very happy with this since it means that you’ll continue working with us.

•George: And who told you otherwise?

•The director of public relations: There’s a strong rumor among the staff that Kach wants to fire you from your job.

•George: Perhaps I was afraid of that before, but now I get the feeling that if one of us were to fire the other, it would be me who would fire him. But thank you for your comments.

•The director of public relations: Kach told me to remind you about the email.

•George: He’s started to be scared of me, but he shouldn’t worry. I’ll send the email shortly.

•The director of public relations: The documents and the information will be sent to your email today, as they haven’t been processed yet since we were surprised by the news.

•George: Okay, I’ll be waiting for them. Thanks.

•The director of public relations: My advice to you as a friend is to be cautious about Kach. But in terms of my work, I’ve told you about the ticket and the paperwork, now please excuse me.

•George: Thank you, but believe me, morals and principles overcome cunning and deception.

George grabbed his phone and contacted Adam to inform him of his trip.
•George: Hello, O Egyptian friend! I’ve booked a seat on a flight to your country.

•Adam: Did you? Congratulations! What good news, I’ll tell Sheikh Bassem to speak to his brother for him to meet you because he speaks English, unlike my brother. When will you travel?

•George: The day after tomorrow. It seems that it was arranged sooner than expected.

•Adam: Can you come to me today? I’m alone in the hospital.

•George: If it’s okay I’ll come in a little while. I’m getting ready to leave now.

•Adam: That’s fine. I’ll be expecting you.

George arrived at the hospital and saw Adam on his bed reading.
•George: Hello Adam! You seem engrossed in reading. What have you got there?

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by on Nov. 24, 2014 at 1:12 AM
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