Desires and principles

George woke up at 8:30 in the morning; his body was heavy and exhausted. The night before he had suffered from a raging fever and so asked for an analgesic and antipyretic from the hotel reception. He summoned up enough strength to stand and take a shower, and afterwards he felt more energetic. He went down to the restaurant, ate breakfast and took the fever reliever again, and so he felt better.
After he had finished breakfast, he went back up to his room again at 9:10 am. He heard his mobile ringing to find the anxious beautiful voice of Levvi:

•Levvi: Where were you? I was worried about you and called you more than once, but you didn’t answer.

•George: Sorry, I went down to the restaurant to have breakfast and forgot my mobile in the room.

•Levvi: You aren’t usually late.

•George: I didn’t sleep well last night; I was feeling under the weather.

•Levvi: May God heal you; do you want me to give you a lift to the doctor?

•George: No thanks, sorry for being late. I am feeling better now.
George descended to the reception room and saw Levvi wearing decent covered clothes, but it didn’t hide her charming beauty. He shook hands with her and welcomed her …she said anxiously:

•Levvi: I insist that you should see a doctor; it isn’t advisable to not do anything about this.

•George: Thanks Levvi, but I’m better now. I would be grateful if we could go to visit the holy places.

•Levvi: As you like, I just want you to be okay. We can go to visit two or three places today, what do you think?

•George: I’d like to begin with the most important place, and it would be enough if we visited just two places, because I’m interested more in sitting and have a discussion with you, not just a visit.

•Levvi: So am I. So then we’ll first go to the Wailing Wall and Mount Yoria, and then if there’s time we will visit the tomb of the King David in Mount Zion and the ancient tomb in the Mount of Olives.

•George: That’s suitable. Hopefully we can finish our tour early before I get tired.

•Levvi: How was Habib with you?

•George: A very good choice, it seems that you understand me well.
Her eyes glittered, mouth pouted and face smiled…

•Levvi: Mmm… to some extent. Habib is cultured, aware and open-minded.

•George: You’re right, I benefited from him very much.

He said the same about you.
With amazement, George asked:

•George: How and when?

•Levvi: He phoned me yesterday straight after he had left you in the hotel, and told me that he had benefited from you very much. He spoke very highly of you, unlike his description of anyone else before.

•George: He is being polite, as all the time I was tiring him by talking with him, and exchange views and opinions.

•Levvi: If it is like your discussion with me, how sweet it is!
George felt very happy while listening to her sweet words with her soft voice, captivating body and wonderful spirit.

•George: Ha ha ha! It is a little different. You’re soft and beautiful, but he isn’t. I thank you for your choice of him and also thank you for your concern, and sorry for tiring you. What matters is fulfilling the main goals of the trip, namely signing the contract and also finding the path to happiness.

•Levvi: You’re the one who should be thanked; do you still remember the contract? I totally forgot about it. By the way, your session with Benjamin seems to have made him confused.

How was that?

•Levvi: I don’t know, but after you left he said to me: “He is one of the strangest people I’ve ever met in my life.” I asked him what he meant. He said that you’re either a crazy person or a saint.

•George: Ha ha ha!! No third option? I don’t want to be a crazy person and, regrettably, I can’t be a saint as I’ve paid him a bribe.

•Levvi: I don’t know why what you said to him influenced him, as he repeated to me that we are wrong to think that the worldly existence is just about money. This is the first time in my life I’ve heard something like that from Benjamin.

•George: To put it frankly, despite me feeling uncomfortable with him, his words had a great affect on me too. Is it true that pleasures of bodies are the torments of the spirit? Isn’t there any way in which pleasures can be gathered and pain can disappear?

•Levvi: I wish I could find this way.

•George: So, you are exploring the path to happiness, as Habib told me.

That’s a beautiful expression, but what do you think the path to happiness is?

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