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India - The Land of Wonders

Posted by on Dec. 28, 2014 at 1:38 AM
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India - The Land of Wonders

At the airport, after George had finished his passports and entry process, he found Michael waiting for him. He was able to identify him from a picture that was sent to him by email. Michael welcomed George warmly and asked him whether he would like to go to the hotel, or for a quick tour of the city?
•George: No, thank you. Take me to the hotel. I’m tired after travelling and feel a bit jet lagged because of the change of time. We can take the tour tomorrow morning, before going to the office.

George noted Michael’s manner, his elegance and politeness to a degree that was close to affectation. As he went along with Michael, he noticed his luxurious car which revealed that he belonged to the wealthy section of the country, which was stricken with poverty.
The next day, at exactly seven in the morning, George left his room feeling fresh after resting enough the day before. When he reached the hotel lounge he found Michael waiting for him. He had the same impression of him as the day before. Michael was a picture of striking elegance. George greeted him and they walked together to the car.
•Michael: What do you think of taking a one-hour tour? We’ll be in the office at about half past eight.

•George: Sure, I’d love to see India.

The whole time Michael was explaining the history and introducing George to the buildings and churches, he was boasting that India is a country that goes back deep in the past. George noticed how Michael avoided talking about certain large buildings, despite being questioned about them. Michael also avoided talking about the idols of Buddha that were all over the country.
George asked Michael about them more than once, but he evaded answering him, as if he wanted to portray India as being only a Christian country.
But George was contented to just look around and he did not comment, remembering that Kach had told him that Michael was a fanatic Catholic.
At eight thirty, George and Michael arrived at the office. They worked until eleven, discussing details about business, projects and contracts. As soon as Michael felt at ease with George, he raised his head and said to him:
•Michael: You’re a Christian like me. So why should we allow that Jew, Kach, to tamper with the contracts of all the employees?! What do you think about tampering with only the contracts of the Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims, and laying down a condition that the contracts for Christians should be better! I don’t want that Jew to rob us.

•George: So it’s fair then to rob the Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims?!

Michael was silent with embarrassment... They returned to the work they were doing until one o’clock, when George asked to take a break because he was again feeling really strained.
On their way to the hotel, they took the same route that they had come with. When George saw a large building, he deliberately asked Michael again:
•George: Who built this magnificent building?

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by on Dec. 28, 2014 at 1:38 AM
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