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Creative Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Themes

Posted by on Oct. 15, 2014 at 5:33 AM
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Kids birthdays are always fun days filled with lots of different activities that are great for kids of all ages. But at the same time kids today have been to so many birthday parties and have done so many fun things they may not be impressed in just a good old birthday party and may want something more fancy. How about creating something out of the box for them, something no one can top? Here are our ideas for birthday party themes.

If your kid is a pet lover, you can do a pet themed party. It can feature a pet zoo that kids love so much, and kids will also have to dress up as a particular animal. You have to decide whether you want a horse-only or bear-only party or if kids can come as different animals. It is important for you to make sure that you decorate the party according to the theme and offer complimentary entertainment.

A bowling party is not something you hear of often, so you can give it a try. Bowling is a fun activity for older kids and they can also have food and ice cream while enjoying each other’s company. Bowling is a good activity where kids can be active and move around, while keeping them interested in the game. You can also hire animators to make it more interesting for them.

Fashion parties can be lots of fun for girls, and some boys. If your kid is interested in fashion, then a birthday party centered around fashion can be lots of fun. Kids can have makeovers, get spa treatments, hairdos and nail art treatments, and go from place to place in a limo. They can try different dresses and outfits followed by a fashion photo-shoot that will keep their fun hours in memory forever.

Scavenger hunts birthday parties can be lots of fun for kids who love adventure and want to be challenged intellectually. These may take some effort to prepare but they are worthwhile in the end. The big thing here is to make sure that everyone wins somehow because kids may be pretty sour when it comes to losing. Basically you need a list of things to look for and good hiding places for them. The clues should not be too difficult but not too easy either to make the kids work for it.

Space and sci-fi parties can be lots of fun as well. Sci-fi movies and comics are popular with kids so they may like a party about space exploration, aliens and the great unknown. It is also fun to have lots of interesting costumes at the party and have an amazing time together. Also you have to remember about things like decorations and plates, food choices and glasses that can all reflect the theme of the party and be lots of fun. Also, make sure kids are well cared for and safe at all times. Fireworks must be supervised.

There are many themes besides princesses and pirates, as you can see. Every party takes preparation and it is important to know what your kid and other kids want. Take into consideration the needs of everyone, from tastes in food and drink, to scares and personal preferences. Everyone at the birthday party should be happy. And don't forget to buy themed dinnerware to make your child's party bright and unique. It is advisable to choose paper or plastic dinnerware rather than glass or porcelain for kid's party. Select elegant disposable dinnerware at to protect children from injuries and free yourself from washing up.

by on Oct. 15, 2014 at 5:33 AM
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