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About Wedding & Vow Renewal Planning

If you are newly engaged, Congratulations!
If you are planning a long awaited Vow Renewal, Congratulations!

Open to anyone who loves weddings & wishes to discuss plans, ways to save money, bargains, websites, share your wedding photos/ideas, and the like. Please use the golden rule when replying! Every woman, every bride, every couple, every wedding is a completely unique thing. We here to encourage & support each other with respect, in the process of planning our days to honor our commitments and spouses & that will look differently in every situation, cookie cutters here!

Group owner and admins reserve the right to remove or move any post without warning to the author. Members who spam the group with vendor posts will be deleted and blocked without warning.

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All Community Guidelines apply to this group!

Remember, we all have different backgrounds and ideas so please be respectful.

Rude behavior will NOT be tolerated. This includes any behavior the group owner or admin deem to be out of line or off topic.

Vendors are allowed to advertise, but please be keep it to a minimum. If you spam the group, you will be removed and blocked. Advertisements should involve something wedding related (cakes, decor, dresses, registries, etc).

Do NOT make posts in this group asking our members to join your wedding group!

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Join the Meeting Place for Moms!
Talk to other moms, share advice, and have fun!

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